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If it is windy outside and you wish to work in a garden, outside around the house, on the car, or even walk the family dog, clean goggles are available at stores like Home Depot. They are lightweight and inexpensive, and great if you are not wearing good sunglasses.

Goggles and sunglasses can prevent extra dust and particles from getting into your eyes.

If your health insurance does not include vision coverage, discount exam centers include:

  • America’s Best. America’s Best is a chain eye exam center that offers eye exams for a flat rate of $45. They also offer deals on glasses and discounts if you join their eye care club. 

  • EyeCare America. EyeCare America locations offer exams for a flat rate of $89. You can also join their membership program for free exams and other discounts. 

  • Target Optical. Target Optical locations offer basic exams for around $55. They also offer low-priced glasses. 

  • Walmart Vision Center. Walmart offers eye exams for around $60. They also offer a selection of low-priced glasses. 

  • Costco and Sam’s Club. You’ll need to be a member to get an exam at either Costco or Sam’s Club, but if you are, these exams can be a good deal. Exams at Costco start at around $80. Exams at Sam’s Club start at around $50.

Check to see if there is an optometry school in your area, as this can provide a low-cost option or even free exams.

Thank you to Maureen Stroup for her help with the eye care research!

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Full Commentary on the May Consumer Reports Article...  

Hey there Smart Consumer!


The May issue of Consumer Reports (CR) has a thorough article on saving on RX drugs. The article is written by Lisa L. Gill and has great illustrations!  Congress has tried several times to set a limit on Part-D Medicare out-of-pocket expenses to just $2000/year. These are in the two recent provisions from President Biden.


The need is real as 3 in 10 adult Americans who need a drug report not taking it because the cost is too high. This certainly can affect your overall health! It is important to be creative and research so that you can get the medications you need, at the best price.


Did you know that 90 percent of prescriptions sold in pharmacies in the US are generic?  See what on-line sellers reveal and see what you need to know when considering ordering from one of them.


Please be aware that on-line pharmacies do not accept insurance and therefore avoid dispensing charges and other fees to give you a rock bottom price.  Amazon and Costco keep drugs low due to their membership fees and huge buying power.  As your Medicare broker, I will always advise you to compare any medication that you pay more than $0 for on your plan, to other options!  Remember, if you do not purchase your medication through your Part D Drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan, it will NOT go toward the Donut Hole. 



  1. Prices can very good from online pharmacies, especially for common generic drugs.  You may receive a larger discount with a 90 day supply, rather than a 30  day supply..

  2. Be sure that you will be taking a specific drug for a long duration because there is no-return of pills back to pharmacies if they are not needed..  

  3. Required membership fees may cut into your projected savings. 

  4. Using a flexible spending or health savings account is not always easy with online retailers.

  5. Some online pharmacies are not “full-service” and may not offer a comprehensive selection of medications. 

  6. Only one online pharmacy offers insulin, so as a smart consumer be aware and ask questions.  "Is it temperature controlled?"

  7. Make sure the on-line pharmacy can ship to you. Some sites are in other states.

  8. Shipping isn’t always fast or free.


5 More Ways to Save:

  • Use GoodRX

  • Check discount programs @ Walgreens and Walmart

  • Seek generic drugs

  • There are patient assistance programs for co-pays; paperwork needs to be filled out prior.

  • Ask your local drugstores (not chain drugstores) for discounts.


See the May issue of Consumer Reports.  It is offered as a magazine (annual membership) mailed to you or on-line email also.